Stowe 10 Miler Training–Weeks 2&3

I have a kindergartner, so we’ve been busy getting ourselves into a routine for the first week. But training has been going really well!Monday, September 5th – Strength & StretchRainy day. Stretched in the house but otherwise kept it relatively light.Tuesday, September 6th – 3 Mile RunIt was raining but otherwise a great run! And … Continue reading Stowe 10 Miler Training–Weeks 2&3



I’ve had this page open to edit for a few weeks now, ever since I returned back to work. But between making dinners and making sure my daughter doesn’t cough on her brother (she’s getting over a cold), I haven’t had the chance to write! And I want to! I realize that I do go … Continue reading Changes

Life Lately

I guess that's the generic title for those posts that are just a mish-mosh of things going on in my life.  It's all been same ol', same ol' around here. Work, garage, work, garage. Thankfully a(n) (somewhat) end is in sight since we've been working on getting the garage ready for our BBQ this weekend. … Continue reading Life Lately