Dinners for the Week (4/30-5/4)

A little late on dinners this week, but I’m happy to say that we put in a little bit more effort this time. Not sure exactly how long that inspiration will last, but in either case, I enjoy sharing these little snippets of our life. Smile

MondayEasy Steak & Cheese Subs


These were definitely a favorite in our house! Of course we’re not giving Eleanor steak, but she enjoyed some onion, provolone cheese and bread. We’re doing our best to give her little portions of our meals, along with some milk with formula.

Tuesday – Rotisserie chicken with homemade French “fries”


When I went grocery shopping, I picked up a rotisserie chicken that you can cook right in the bag and a few potatoes. I was hoping to have something a little bit fancier but still easy to make. The meat fell off the bone (I enjoyed some dark meat), and David baked the potatoes with walnut oil. Everything was delicious!

Wednesday – Mexican-style Bowls


At least once a week, we’ll have a meal that consists of a mix of peppers and onions. They’re easy to cut up and pretty versatile. This one has the leftover chicken, peppers, onions, cheese, salsa and tortilla chips.

Thursday – Pizza with Pepperoni and Green Peppers


This dinner was courtesy of our neighbors. David did some work for them at their house and they gave him some money to buy a pizza from our local shop (Village Pizza!). We couldn’t decide on toppings so we went half-n-half. His side had sausage and onions.

Friday – Chicken Parmesan


When it comes to breaded chicken options, David and I love trying out new products (Tyson Panko Breaded Chicken Tenderloin remains #1 – We would buy it at Costco when we had the membership). On my recent trip to Market Basket, I picked up Barber Foods brand chicken tenders. They were a bit more nugget sized than I was expecting, but they were quite tasty! I topped it with some provolone cheese and had it with a side of angel hair pasta.

More often than not, weekend meals are either leftovers or dining out. Smile

What did you have for dinner last week? Anything on the menu for this week?


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