Stowe 10 Miler Training–Weeks 2&3

I have a kindergartner, so we’ve been busy getting ourselves into a routine for the first week. Smile But training has been going really well!

Monday, September 5th – Strength & Stretch

Rainy day. Stretched in the house but otherwise kept it relatively light.

Tuesday, September 6th – 3 Mile Run

It was raining but otherwise a great run! And no stopping.

9.69.6 (2)

Wednesday, September 7th – 30 Minute Cross

Typical cross days find me walking the hills near my house. Today was 1.84 miles.

Thursday, September 8th – 2 Mile Run

9.8 (2)9.8

Friday, September 9th – Rest

Saturday, September 10th – 3 Mile Run

Nice morning for a run! Walked a few times but tried my best to run as much as possible.

9.10 (2)9.10

Sunday, September 11th – 30 Minute Cross

I forgot that I had signed up for the 5K challenge on my Garmin watch, and since I forgot about it the day before, I used this chance to work the hills and get in the 3.1 mile distance. Smile

9.11 (2)9.11

Monday, September 12th – Strength & Stretch

I typically walk during my 10:30 teams meeting and today was no different.

Tuesday, September 13th – 3 Mile Run


Wednesday, September 14th – 35 Minute Cross

Another walk up the hills.

Thursday, September 15th – 2 Mile Run

My fastest pace yet!

9.15 (2)9.15

Friday, September 16th – Rest Day

Even though it was a rest day, I managed to get a good amount of steps in. Smile

Saturday, September 17th – 4 Mile Run

Such a great run! The weather was perfect and I’m very happy with that pace!

9.17 (2)9.17

Sunday, September 18th – 30 Minute Cross

Hills, hills, hills Smile

Have a great week!


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