A Day in the Life

I always enjoy these little peeks in to someone’s day, so I thought I would make the effort to take pictures throughout the day and let you know what goes on in my life!

4:45AM – My alarm goes off but I always snooze it for another 9 minutes.


5AM – Shower time. Today was a non-hair day so that helped with getting ready quicker.


Shirt is from Marshalls | Pants are Calvin Klein | Shoes are from Aerosoles

5:45AM – Miss Eleanor wakes up. I change her, dress her and feed her breakfast of milk, blueberries and Cheerios. On Tuesday’s she goes to my mother in law’s house; David drove her today.


6:00AM – Coffee time! I also put together my breakfast and lunch, to bring to work.


6:20AM – Leave home to drive to work. Luckily I left early enough so the traffic wasn’t terrible. There are days that if I leave even 10 minutes later it’ll take me 30 minutes more to get to the office.

7:35AM – Arrive at the parking garage. I’m trying to park on the higher levels so that I can get some exercise in.


7:45AM – Get myself situated at my desk and eat my breakfast of Greek yogurt, blueberries, and slivered almonds. And another coffee.


8:00AM to 11:15AM – I worked on some expense reports, travel for a director and ordering supplies for the office.

11:15AM – Lunch at my desk: chicken tenders, macaroni & cheese, and green beans.


11:45AM to 1PM – Meeting about the 30 day plan leading up to the opening of the hotel. It’s crazy to think of everything that needs to go into an opening. My role is rather limited in what I’ll contribute to said opening, but it’s great that my boss lets me sit in on these meetings so that I can learn about the process. Only 340 more days to go!

1PM to 4:50PM – Do some more work at my desk. I don’t have a lot of every day tasks, other than making sure my boss is adhering to his calendar and I help answer the phones of the VPs; usually I work as things come across my desk. At some point I take a little break and snack on a banana.


4:50PM – I leave the office and it’s pouring outside! I didn’t even think to bring an umbrella and I ended up getting soaked on my way to the garage. At least it happened after work and not before.


6:15PM – Thankfully the traffic wasn’t that bad and I was able to make it home in a reasonable amount of time. And it always makes me smile when I come home to this little one:


6:45PM – I finally change in to some dry clothes and sit down to our dinner of spaghetti and meat sauce. (The house smelled amazing!)


7:30PM – We start Eleanor’s nightly routine. Shower (usually every other night), change into pajamas, brush her teeth and let her “play” with her books. I try to read some to her but she finds enjoyment in just ripping them off of the bookshelf. Smile

8:00PM – We finished watching a Netflix movie called “How It Ends” and oh my gosh…it was terrible. No reasoning behind the attack at the beginning, and the ending just left nothing to be desired. Hard pass; do not watch.

9:00PM – Lights out, because we’re old like that. Winking smile

What does your day to day look like?


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. TaffyKathy says:

    You’re way ahead of me!
    My day starts at 6:30 but I don’t roll out of bed until 15-20 mins later…I also don’t have human children yet, just the furry kind. I then walk the pups, get ready for work while watching a movie – need the back ground noise, walk the younger pup again, feed the older pup, grab a coke and my lunch for the day, drive 40 mins to work, drink my coke at 11, eat lunch between 1 & 2, leave work at 4:45 to hopefully by pass some traffic, get home – fiance’ has usually already walked and fed the pups, shower, cook/eat dinner, watch a movie/series, walk the pups again, pass out to a different movie. Thats M-F anyways lol.
    Your baby girl is adorable by the way!


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