I’ve had this page open to edit for a few weeks now, ever since I returned back to work. But between making dinners and making sure my daughter doesn’t cough on her brother (she’s getting over a cold), I haven’t had the chance to write! And I want to! I realize that I do go through periods of inspiration to write and then find my mind blank on what I actually want to say. There have been some changes for me so I figured now was a good time for another update!

Since returning back to work there has been some rearranging of my job responsibilities. The position I was in was absorbed by the department and they offered me an assistant manager position in their call center. Although it’s not a department that I’ve had much experience in, I’ve found that my tenure with the company (over two years) does help with the daily operations. And believe me, I am learning SO much in this role. And my schedule (for the time being) is all mornings so I love that I’m now home for dinner every night.

And having said that, here is our menu for this past week!

Steak with mashed potatoes and green beans

Teriyaki chicken with peppers, onions and rice

Ground beef tacos

Philadelphia cheesesteak Velveeta skillet

Baked pork chops with a Knorr side and broccoli


I went grocery shopping this past Saturday (alone!) and I loved being able to put together a menu for the week. I’m hoping this momentum will continue.

And now just a few family photos to close out this short post. Smile



See you all again soon! Smile


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