Memorial Day Weekend…And Stuff

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. Mine was filled with a BBQ, time with family and getting our house ready for our own BBQ next weekend.

David had plans on Saturday and Sunday so it was Mommy & Eleanor time!

On Saturday, we went to a friends house for a BBQ and pool party. The pool was freezing though so we did not partake in that! I enjoyed a burger, pasta salad, chips, veggies and a couple of beverages. We were able to last a couple of hours until it was obvious that the heat was getting to Eleanor; she fell asleep in the car on the way home.

After we got home, I began sorting through my mom’s vast amount of cross-stitch thread to find the colors I needed for a project I’m working on. A family member is having a baby shower this summer and all I know is that the nursery is going to be Toy Story themed. I can’t wait to give it to them!

On Sunday, we went to my parents house to hang out. Eleanor ended up taking an almost two hour nap, so my parents and I were able to spend time to catch up. And check out this bird on their deck! Apparently it’s been there for a while and all it does is look into the house and chirp. My mom seems to think that there is a bird’s nest under their deck and perhaps this one is just trying to protect it.

To spend the Memorial Day day, we took the time to clean up our yard and patio to get it ready for our BBQ next weekend. David mowed the “lawn” and I worked on sweeping the leaves off of the patio area. Around noontime, we went to Kohl’s where I picked up some tops and belts and then we stopped at Kimball’s for ice cream. I asked for a small with two spoons and they totally delivered! This deliciousness down here was peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips.

Other Items of Note

-These beautiful flowers that were on sale at Price Chopper.

-We have a climber! Luckily she’s not super fast at climbing so we’re able to stop her, but we definitely need to find something that will block those stairs off.

-Another gorgeous day last Friday. I love the patio area outside of the office building.

-Have you seen the new Netflix special with Steve Martin and Martin Short? I implore you to drop everything you’re doing and watch it right now. It is friggin’ hilarious, and I will probably end up watching it multiple times over the next few weeks.

And think that wraps it up for the updates around here! Our meals lately have been very repetitive and nothing worth writing home about. Hopefully I can get some inspiration (and time!) to come up with something to bake or cook.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Anything exciting happen in your neck of the woods?


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