Stowe 10 Miler Training-Weeks 4&5

Monday, September 19 – Strength & Stretch

I love walking during my 10:30AM meetings. It’s a staff meeting where I only have to listen in. Smile

Tuesday, September 20 – 2 Mile Run

I like to use these runs to get a little bit faster. I’m not doing any dedicated intervals or tempo runs, but I like to push myself a little bit during the week.

9.20 (2)9.20

Wednesday, September 21 – 35 Minute Cross

Just another walk up and down the neighborhood hill.

Thursday, September 22 – Rest Day

Eleanor came down with the flu, so today she stayed home and I took a rest day a day early. (As of writing this on October 3, she’s all better and back at school!)

Friday, September 23 – 2 Mile Run/Walk

9.23 (2)9.23

Saturday, September 24 – 3.1 Mile Virtual Race – As You Wish 5K

A beautiful morning for a 5K! I ran this with my mom, and I always seem to run better when I’m with her. Smile

9.24 (2)9.24

Sunday, September 25 – 40 Minute Cross

Another hilly walk.

Monday, September 26 – Strength & Stretch

Walking during the morning meeting.

Tuesday, September 27 – 4 Mile Run

A fantastic run! This definitely makes me feel like I’m making progress. Smile

9.27 (2)9.27

Wednesday, September 28 – 40 Minute Cross

I am loving this fall weather! Clear skies and cool air.

9.28 (2)9.28

Thursday, September 29 – 3 Mile Run

This one I ended up breaking it up into a run/walk.

9.29 (2)9.29

Friday, September 30 – Walk & Recover (Schedule said rest day but I really like getting out there to walk.)

9.30 (2)9.30

Saturday, October 1 – 5 Mile Run

Another great run! And I didn’t stop!

10.1 (2)10.1

Sunday, October 2 – 40 Minute Cross

Walking up the hill.

Another couple of great weeks of training! And this Sunday I’m running an in-person 5K with my mom. Smile


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