My Recent Training–Stowe 10 Miler

Well, the last month certainly did not go as planned. Sad smile Unfortunately the virus that got Eleanor and Lincoln sick had passed over to me and David.

As of my writing and posting this (November 1st) we’re clear of the bug, but we did have two weeks of very low activity.

My last submission was on October 2nd; the week following that was great. I ran 6 miles one day and kept up my training for the whole week. Then it all went downhill on October 13th. For the next week I didn’t do any walking or running. Luckily the cold wasn’t in my chest but I had such low energy and I didn’t want to make it any worse. (I ran a half marathon through a cold once and developed bronchitis.)

Thankfully this past week was much better. I even ran 7 (broken) miles on Saturday, just to see if I still had the energy. And I’m glad to say I do! I ran 4 miles in the morning and then a virtual 5K with my mom.



So this week I’ll keep it to walks and easy runs. Race day is this Sunday! Smile


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