Stowe 10 Miler Training–Week 1

It’s nice to finally get back into training for a fall race. Last year it was the Newburyport Half Marathon; this year is a 10 mile race in beautiful Stowe, VT.

As always, I pulled up the tried and true training plans of Hal Higdon. This year I’m focusing on the novice level. I’m not in this to be a speed demon, but I would like to finish it with a respectable time. This’ll be my first 10 mile race, and Stowe is rather hilly.

As a side note, for the month of August I challenged myself to walk or run at least 1 mile per day. By the end of July I was just getting over Covid and was starting to feel sluggish. I wanted to do something challenging, but doable. And I’m proud to say that I completed it! That would also give me a good base for training, which started this past Monday, August 29th.

Monday, August 29th – Strength and Stretch

I ended up walking 1.5 miles this day, to keep up my streak.


Tuesday, August 30th – 2 Mile Run

This was a hot one!  just ran out of our driveway and went straight one mile and then back again.


Wednesday, August 31st – 30 Minute Cross

Another 2 mile walk, to round out the August challenge. Success! Smile

(No picture)

Thursday, September 1st – 2 Mile Run

Ran through the town today. Not as hot; I can’t wait for fall!

Friday, September 2nd – Rest Day

We visited the Museum of Science in Boston! Definitely got my steps in on this day. Smile

Saturday, September 3rd – 2 Mile Run

A much cooler temperature this morning! And my pace is getting faster.

Sunday, September 4th – 30 Minute Cross

Another day where I went for a walk. I always try and throw in a couple of hills, if the mileage isn’t long. Today was 1.8 miles.

And that was the first week of training! I have to say that I love working from home, so that I can fit in these runs during the week. However, my daughter starts kindergarten on Tuesday so I’ll have to make sure I’m done and ready to get her to the bus stop. She’s so excited to go to school though, so hopefully getting her up in the mornings won’t be a challenge. Smile

Are you training for anything currently? How have you fit in your runs around getting kids ready for school?


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