Running Into March

Well, Happy March everyone!

I know March may seem like such a “blah” kind of month (especially after last year’s disaster), but not only do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of spring, it’s also my birthday month!! Yes I’m turning 37, but I still like to make a big deal about my birthday. Laughing out loud This year David and I are going out to a fancy dinner and then the next morning, taking the kids to a vineyard/winery in western Mass that does a Maple Breakfast every weekend in March. Can’t wait!

I’m so proud of myself this month, too, because I have exercised every day since March 1st. As mentioned in my previous post, I signed up for a few running challenges with the B.A.A.; I’ve already completed two of them. It really is amazing what the addition of consistent exercise is doing for my overall well-being. I had been feeling a bit down on myself, but this has helped me regain some of what makes me feel like “me” again.




One day we even went ice skating at a local outdoor rink. I got my new skates and just had to take them out for a spin. Eleanor has her new skates and she’s been doing very well at wanting to get out there to try them on. It’s so cute. (Pictures from February.)


Workwise, things are really picking up. I mostly help with scheduling interviews and some HR tasks as well. Because it’s a start up company I have a chance to actually create the role that will work for me in the long run. And David and I have finally found a good groove so that he can get in some hours in the garage and I can get work done as well.

Overall, things have been on the up and up. (The beautiful weather absolutely helps! The snow is melting here in central Mass. Smile)

Is there anything that you’re looking forward to in the month of March? How has your life changed from one year ago?


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