A Day in the Life

I always enjoy these little peeks in to someone's day, so I thought I would make the effort to take pictures throughout the day and let you know what goes on in my life! 4:45AM - My alarm goes off but I always snooze it for another 9 minutes. 5AM - Shower time. Today was … Continue reading A Day in the Life


Life Lately

It's almost time for me to return to work, so I thought I would take this opportunity to recap the first two months of motherhood. In short: I'm loving it, but there are still so many things that we are learning and figuring out. It's definitely not easy, but totally worth it. If you follow … Continue reading Life Lately

Life Lately

I guess that's the generic title for those posts that are just a mish-mosh of things going on in my life.  It's all been same ol', same ol' around here. Work, garage, work, garage. Thankfully a(n) (somewhat) end is in sight since we've been working on getting the garage ready for our BBQ this weekend. … Continue reading Life Lately