My 37th Birthday

Another year down (and another birthday during the pandemic).

Last year the big outing was to go to Rare Steakhouse at Encore, but of course, everything was shut down just a few days prior.

Going back this year was just one of the many fun events that made up my birthday celebration. I really had such a great time, spending it with my family. Smile

March 18th (My Birthday)

David surprised me with some beautiful flowers, and we went on a walk before it started raining. We also went to Starbucks so I could cash in my free beverage. It was super sweet but super delicious too!



March 19th

In the morning, I dropped Eleanor and Lincoln off with my parents for the day/night so that David and I could enjoy a fun day. Before heading home, I stopped at the Muffin House Café in Mendon and picked up a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a sesame seed bagel. Yum!!

We had plans to hike a mountain in southern New Hampshire but the trail head parking ended up being closed with no clear directions on where we could park (it was on the side of a dirt road). So we ended up at the same place as last year: Mt. Wachusett. It’s a fun and challenging mountain, especially since the trail was still so icy. Luckily we had our crampons on hand.



After we got home and showered, we headed out for dinner at Rare! Having worked at the casino, I was looking forward to seeing some of my former co-workers. I was able to catch up with quite a few people and David and I enjoyed a phenomenal dinner!

Cucumber Pear Refresher Absolut Pear Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Lemonade, Cucumber

Charred Root Vegetable Salad Heirloom purple carrots, golden baby beets, blood orange, pecans, dill-yogurt dressing

Large Format (served with trio of sauces and aromatic salts) 40oz Dry aged long bone Tomahawk

Dessert Butter cake with coffee and espresso bean ice cream with a side of Port

Everything was absolutely delicious and hit the spot. The tomahawk steak was cooked medium rare, with just salt, pepper and butter. My favorite combination of sauces and salts was their house-made steak sauce with the smoked salt. The drinks were refreshing and the dessert was a lovely surprise to top off the evening. (As you can tell from my longing face. Laughing out loud) And the service from Steven was top notch; he was very attentive and made sure that I enjoyed my special celebration.







March 20th (First Day of Spring!)

That morning, we picked up the kids from my parents and headed to Hardwick Winery for their maple breakfast event! This happens every March but it was the first time I had heard of it. David and I are a big fan of their wines and thought it would be such a fun outing for the family. The cost was $15 per adult and Eleanor’s ticket was $10 (Lincoln was free, as a 15 month old). It was by reservation only and we had a great table right near the door (just in case) and near the food. Luckily though, the kids did so good. Eleanor was so well behaved and Lincoln barely made a fuss.

Oh and the food was delicious too! I had the maple coffee, blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, potatoes, French toast bake and bacon. We also brought home a bottle of their Yankee Girl Blush wine (A blend of Cayuga White, Dechaunac Red, and Catawba grapes this wine exhibits nice floral and fruit notes with aromas of peach and melon). There was even an outside play area where the kids could run around. It was an hour drive to and from the winery so they enjoyed being able to stretch their legs. Smile






I honestly don’t think I could have asked for a better birthday celebration. Between all of the fun activities and the birthday messages and well wishes, I think this could be up there in terms of being my favorite birthday yet.

What’s your most memorable birthday?


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