Racing in 2022

When the year started out I didn’t actually think I would have that many races for this year (in person or virtual). With David being gone for the first half of the year, it would have been difficult for me to get the time away. But thanks to my wonderful in-laws, I was able to … Continue reading Racing in 2022



This past weekend we celebrated our dear daughter’s 4th birthday! But instead of going on our usual neighborhood walks, we headed over to Farandnear, an 89 acre park that provides a couple miles of trails, as well as beautiful gardens and old cranberry bogs. Saturday was her birthday, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. She … Continue reading Farandnear

A Snowy Start

Happy February everyone! We welcomed the new month with over a foot of snow, here in central Massachusetts. I worked on shoveling in front of the front door and making a path to the garage and the shed. David did the hard work of snow blowing our 300 foot driveway. Thank goodness it’s paved now! … Continue reading A Snowy Start