My Best Stitch Fix Yet

At this point in time (the year 2020) I’m sure everyone has heard of the stylist service Stitch Fix. Since 2013 I’ve used the service a handful of times. For the most part my fixes have included a piece or two that I’ve ended up keeping, but I’ve never been thrilled with everything in the box.

Some of the pieces that I’ve kept:


There were a couple of other tops and pants that I kept as well but there has never been an instance where I loved the entire box.

Until now.

My latest Fix was absolutely perfect, and I know that each piece will be a staple in my rotation of work outfits. The colors were perfect, the fit was perfect and quite honestly, for keeping all 5 pieces, the price was reasonable too. (And that’s a lot coming from me! I usually shop at Old Navy and Target and will only frequent The Loft or Banana Republic if there are really good sales.) Here’s a rundown of what was in my latest box.


1) Liverpool – Tyler Textured Straight Leg Trouser – Size 12 – $88.00


It seems that the latest fad in work pants is for them to be free of any zippers and buttons, and as someone who just had a baby, these are HEAVEN! Not only are they super comfortable, the quality is fantastic and the price seemed very reasonable for how much use I’ll get out of them.

2) Skies are Blue – Hannah Modal Scuba Blazer – Size M – $88.00


This jacket is so buttery soft and extremely comfortable. And again, I am loving the no button look on jackets as well. And the color is so versatile and works with so many different colored shirts already in my wardrobe. (As you can see, neutral colors are really what work for me.)

3) Kaileigh – Morton Knit Dress – Size L – $58.00


I was actually a little bit on the fence with keeping this one. Since I haven’t completely lost my baby weight, the dress shows some unflattering curves and bumps. However, I knew that in the future I’d be working on getting into a shape I’m more comfortable with and when that happens, this will be really fun to wear! And it’s also not the easiest when pumping. Laughing out loud

4) 41 Hawthorn – Prinsloo Ruffle Detail Blouse – Size M – $58.00


I loved the color of this shirt and it pairs so well with the black pants and gray jacket. I could automatically tell how well everything in the box was going to work together and with other clothes that I already had.

5) Daniel Rainn – Koda Split Neck Blouse – Size M – $68.00


Again, with the postpartum body, I’m loving shirts that are bit more flowy. This one definitely fit the bill and was also extremely comfortable.

TOTAL (with discount and $20 styling credit): $250

Given that I loved everything so much and I didn’t even have to leave the house makes the price SO worth it. Smile

In the beginning, I wasn’t always happy with the items in my Fix, but since this latest box was such a knock out of the park, I’m excited to see what any future fixes will hold.

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? What’s your experience been like?

*The Stitch Fix link above is a referral link, If it’s your first time signing up you and I both will get a $25 credit!*


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