An Evening At Encore

Ever since starting with the company (over two years ago!) the only time I’ve been able to patronize the resort was when David and I were invited to try out the room and a restaurant just before opening. Now that I’m on my maternity leave, I wanted to get a chance to actually be a guest of Encore and go through what a guest may experience.

I started by utilizing the shuttle service from Wellington Station in Medford. The shuttle leaves about every 10 minutes (full schedule on their website); the only downside is that there is no heated area to wait on those cold days and nights. The wait time wasn’t terrible though and before long I was on my way. I was dropped off at the East entrance and made my way into the main lobby. Since I do work there, I was able to see some of my co-workers. As much as I’m enjoying my time at home, I’ll be looking forward to join them again in about a month.

There was a main reason for my visit, other than seeing everyone; it was to see Wayne Brady perform in the Picasso Ballroom! I tried to get a plus one but the evening ended up being just me. I actually enjoy going out alone sometimes. I’m always striking up conversations wherever I go anyway. Smile

Before the show, I walked around the property to see where I could grab a seat at the bar. All of the restaurants were packed! I ended up at Sinatra for Italian. (Fun fact: there are only two restaurants in the world that bear the name Sinatra: this one and its sister property in Las Vegas. Mr. Wynn and Frank were close friends.)


For dinner I had the “Sunday” Rigatoni with braised pork, pomodoro and smoked mozzarella. (I was too hungry to get a picture! Laughing out loud) For dessert, I had the Roasted Apple Olive Oil Sponge with apple compote, whipped cream cheese, almond crunch. This dessert was so light and flavorful; the perfect ending to my meal.


After dinner I made my way to the Ballroom to catch the show! I didn’t know what to expect because I know that Wayne Brady is a man of many talents. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the show was pretty much like “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”. He asked for audience participation and it was all improvisation. And it was hilarious. Definitely an evening worth getting out of the house for.



Are you a fan of seeing comedy shows? Some of my favorites are Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan.


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