How We’re Managing During the Pandemic

Alternate title: How David Was Able To Get Us Financially Secure Since March 15th our lives have been turned upside down. The resort I worked at was closed, and for the following few weeks, I was one of the few employees to still be working in the building. In the beginning of April, we were … Continue reading How We’re Managing During the Pandemic


A Great Soul

When Great Trees Fall Maya Angelou When great trees fall, rocks on distant hills shudder, lions hunker down in tall grasses, and even elephants lumber after safety. When great trees fall in forests, small things recoil into silence, their senses eroded beyond fear. When great souls die, the air around us becomes light, rare, sterile. … Continue reading A Great Soul


I’ve had this page open to edit for a few weeks now, ever since I returned back to work. But between making dinners and making sure my daughter doesn’t cough on her brother (she’s getting over a cold), I haven’t had the chance to write! And I want to! I realize that I do go … Continue reading Changes