Racing in 2022

When the year started out I didn’t actually think I would have that many races for this year (in person or virtual). With David being gone for the first half of the year, it would have been difficult for me to get the time away.

But thanks to my wonderful in-laws, I was able to take part in some virtual AND in-person races before David came back home in June.

Zodiac 5K – Pisces – Virtual

I ran this on a Thursday afternoon and the weather was really nice. I’m not nearly at the pace that I used to be, but I still enjoy getting out there when I can.

Zodiac PiscesZodiac Pisces2

Harpoon 5 Miler – Boston

This was my first time running this race. I’ve volunteered before and my parents ran it a couple of times. Registration in the past was a lottery so my chances of getting in were slim. But this year, because they had a virtual option as well, registration was a breeze. It was pretty hot that morning, but thankfully there was a breeze by the water and there was delicious, cold beer at the end.


I would absolutely run this one again, if registration was this easy. Smile

Sharon Timlin 5K – Hopkinton

Another race where it was my first time running…well, in-person at least. I ran the virtual race last year, but this year it was held in-person. The organization raises money for ALS research, in memory of Mike Timlin’s mom Sharon (Mike Timlin is a former Red Sox pitcher). Along with Mike being there, we also got to meet Tim Wakefield and Mike Meyers (the baseball player, not the actor). My mom’s cousin passed away from ALS in 2016 so the cause is near and dear to our hearts.

The weather was perfect for running; my first mile was 9:28 but I kind of fell apart in the last half, with all of the rolling hills. My mom killed it with a pace of 9:15!


This is another one that I would definitely do again.

For the rest of the year, I have 4 virtual races planned (this Monday my mom and I are running the “Thank You For Being a Friend” 1 miler in memory of Betty White (it’s in increments of 10 and I just don’t think I’m in 10K shape right now, haha), and 2 in-person races planned (Stowe, VT and Boston, MA, both in November).

I wouldn’t be surprised if I added on to the list as the year goes on. I love running along with other people and it’s so nice that these races are being held again.

Do you have any races planned the rest of the year? Or did you run any fun races in the last 6 months?


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