Easter Celebrations & A New B.A.A. Challenge

Happy Thursday everyone!

We had a lovely Easter celebration this Sunday and just wanted to share some pictures that I took.

On Saturday, Eleanor and I baked some sugar cookies and used Easter themed cookie cutters (bunnies, eggs, flowers, sheep, etc.). David also picked us up some beautiful flowers for the kitchen.



Sunday afternoon, we went to my parents for an Easter egg hunt and a delicious ham dinner (with mashed potatoes, corn, asparagus, salad). Of course, Lincoln loved that he could walk up their stairs so easily. We each took turns following him.



Between dinner and dessert (a belated birthday carrot cake!) we took a walk around their neighborhood. Eleanor is showing off the adorable bunnies and sweaters that my grandmother made for them. She’s 90 years old but still enjoys her knitting. Smile


Overall I’d say that it was an absolute perfect day. The kids had a great time finding Easter eggs; the food was absolutely delicious and the weather was gorgeous.

And since we’re in a new month, there’s a new B.A.A. challenge to take on! Since April is (usually) the month of the Boston Marathon, the challenge is to run a total of 26.2 miles in the month. There are also additional “town” challenges; for example the course runs through Newton which contains 6.62 miles, so the challenge is to run 6.62 miles during a certain week of the month. Does that make sense? Laughing out loud In either case, this will certainly be a challenge that I can complete. And this month is the virtual B.A.A. 5K! Crossing my fingers for good weather that weekend.

Do you have any races coming up this month? How was your Easter celebration?


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