A “Fair-Themed” Gathering

When the fairs in the area are cancelled, what’s the next best thing? Hold a little fair in your backyard! We kept the guest list minimal and thankfully we have a large backyard where everyone could social distance, and we wore masks. And the weather was absolutely perfect! We couldn’t have asked for a better day and I think Eleanor and Lincoln had a good time.

For games, we had: ring toss, ball toss (into an inflatable clown), corn hole and balloon popping. Eleanor also has a Power Wheels that was a huge hit with the kids. Laughing out loud And we had fun with the sidewalk chalk on our newly paved driveway.

For food, we had: pulled pork sandwiches, crinkle cut French fries, corn dogs, cheese curds, buffalo wings, cider donuts, pumpkin cake (made by a friend and it was delicious!) and some warm apple cider (along with other beverages). We even bought a mini fryer for the occasion. And we had some Halloween candy and fun festive glasses to give out to guests when they left. A+ blogger right here, failing to get more detailed pictures. Laughing out loud But I was having too much fun mingling with everyone…and making sure Eleanor was playing well with the other kids.




In times like these, we’re always looking for ways to still have fun (safely of course!). I think this party was just what was needed and hopefully we can continue the festivities as the holidays approach. Our little Lincoln’s first birthday is on Thanksgiving this year!

Have you had any fun adventures, to brighten what has otherwise been a pretty dark year?


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