Days of Baking

I think it’s no surprise that if you find me in my house for long periods of time, I’ll definitely be searching my pantry to see what I can bake with. It kind of feels like Iron Chef where I have to find the main ingredient and then work around that.

Some of the main ingredients? Lemon juice, bananas, raisins, etc.…

Of the items we’ve baked (muffins, cookies, bread), I only took pictures of a few of our creations. Here are a few things that have our house smelling dee-licious! Smile

Lemon Buttermilk Muffins


For some reason, months ago, I purchased a large bottle of lemon juice. I like to use it as a way to clean the microwave (post here), but I was also hankering for something to bake. I usually would make lemon poppy seed muffins, but I also had a canister of buttermilk that I wanted to use up. Has anyone else used the cultured buttermilk blend, found in the baking aisle? I always end up throwing away spoiled liquid buttermilk and this stuff is an amazing substitute!

A Google search led me to Countryside Cravings, with this simple and delicious recipe! I didn’t have any lemon zest on hand so the lemon taste was very subtle. But they were for sure light and airy. I also omitted the icing this time around; I’m sure that would help in adding some zest to them.

And I had the best little helper. Smile

Eleanor 1Eleanor 2

I have to admit, though, it was tough relinquishing control so that she could do “mine-self”. But the flour on the floor and the misshapen scoops didn’t seem as significant when I saw how happy she was at helping me.

Cast Iron Corn Bread

Last week I had some ground beef to use up but I was getting tired of burgers and pasta sauce Laughing out loud so I decided to make chili! And what goes best with chili? Corn bread of course! But not just any old corn bread: cast iron corn bread! After a short search, I used this recipe from Food Network. 

IMG_4687 (1)

I know that corn bread is such a simple thing to make, but the addition of making it in the cast iron and topping it with some butter right out of the oven really takes it to the next level. This was a favorite meal for several days last week.

Along with the baked goods above, we’ve also made chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and brown sugar oat muffins. Not only does it provide some delicious options for breakfast or dessert, it also provides my daughter a distraction from wanting to watch TV. Although if I’m being honest, she’s had quite a few hours of TV every day since I started working from home and our babysitting services have been suspended. We’re just trying to survive here and making the best of this situation.

How are you managing through this health crisis? I hope you’re all doing well! Red heart

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