Quick 2019 Recap

Happy 2020 everyone! How was your 2019? Apparently mine was quite busy since I haven’t been back on since March. Let’s recap my year shall we?

Our little girl turned 2 in April. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up (especially as I’m writing this, since she’ll be 3 this year!)


I ran my fifth Run to Remember race in May, with my mom, dad and family friend. This was my slowest five-miler (1:02:15) but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


And the reason why it was my slowest??


It’s because I was pregnant! Smile Our little baby was due in November.

June was a very busy month for me because the resort that I work for was having its grand opening! We had three weeks of training before it opened on June 23rd. It was tough, never mind being pregnant through the whole thing too.



The rest of the year was really just all about work and getting ready for my maternity leave. The only big hiking trip that David and I took was on his birthday weekend (we went to Mt. Everett in western Massachusetts). My morning sickness made us shorten our trip but it was nice to be out in nature. We also took some time to provide “trail magic” a few times this year to any thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail (big announcement regarding that coming up soon! Smile).



Oh, one of the perks of my job? Just before opening, we were able to host local groups and new employees in the company suite at Fenway Park. I was lucky enough to attend three events in April and May. What an awesome experience!



And of course, the greatest part of 2019 was welcoming our son into the family: Lincoln Edward was born on November 26th. My labor was tougher than with Eleanor (insanely painful contractions, vomiting, low blood pressure) but as soon as I was given an epidural, hoo-wee, did that make everything better. By the time he was in position, he was out in 15 minutes. And just the absolute cutest.


So right now I’m on my maternity leave, and adjusting to life with two kids. It’s definitely not easy (no one said it was!) but we’re getting through it, day by day. If I end up getting the motivation, I’d love to be able to do a write up on each child. If nothing more than for me to look back on. Smile

How was your 2019?? What are you looking forward to in 2020?


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