Friday Fun {5-11}

-Work has been crazy busy this week. My boss is finally back from vacation so things are kicking up a notch (or 12!). I try and keep track of tidbits to share on Friday’s post, but this one might be a little light (and hence the reason it’s posted so late in the day).

-I would be remiss though if I didn’t share some pictures from a recent outing to Applebees. Eleanor was being so cute and she was overall being really good during our lunch service. Unfortunately our server forgot to put in our order and we ended up having to wait a bit. They were very nice about it, though, and ended up comping our whole meal. We took the items to go (I had the BBQ bacon and chicken sandwich which was actually really delicious!) and enjoyed them at home.


-Most of the time I have a blank post up for me to enter in these tidbits as I think of them, throughout the week, but then I get sidetracked and it’s blank for the longest time. And then I get these bursts of inspiration. This is one of those bursts. 🙂

-It’s Mother’s Day weekend! The only thing we have planned is having my parents over for burgers on Sunday. David picked up a free patio table and chairs so we’re hoping we can use those since the weather is going to be so nice. I’m still looking for some seat cushions, and I’ve been scouring Ocean State Job Lot, Bed Bath & Beyond or even Target to see if I can find any inspiration. I like light blues and greens (the table and chairs are darkish in color, like teak). It’ll be so nice to be able to eat outside! It’s not ideal that we live next to the railroad, but we’ll make it work. 😉

-This past Monday was the Concierge Association’s annual Trade Show. Four of my colleagues joined me so that they could familiarize themselves with vendors in Boston and to see, firsthand, the talent pool that’s out in the city (concierge, front desk agents, bellman/doorman). We’re going to need to hire a lot of people come next June! I had so much fun (as always) that I only took a picture of the tower o’ sangria.

-Want to know what it looks like when you try to take a selfie in a hardhat and vest but don’t want to be noticed?

Well, I think I’m going to end it on that note. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And Happy Mother’s Day! ❤


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