Friday Fun {5-4}

1. David and I watched Guardian’s of the Galaxy (1 and 2) this past weekend so that we could be fully prepared to see the new Avengers movie. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen them all (with the exception of Black Panther) and hopefully we now know enough of the back stories to understand the new movie. I just know that if we hadn’t seen GotG, we wouldn’t have understood the infinity stone reference. Oh, and while we’re on this topic, baby Groot is the cutest thing ever!!

Image result for baby groot


2. I’ve been battling congestion (head and chest) for the last few weeks and it felt like I was on the verge of getting sick without actually getting sick. Then I thought “is this what allergies feel like?” I admittedly never thought that I had any allergies to outside elements (I’m allergic to penicillin) so it was puzzling to me. Thankfully I’m feeling a lot better but I had a some days where it was hard to breathe through my nose or take a deep breath. You ever have that feeling where no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t take a deep breath?


But it sure is beautiful out there!

3. I’m in that awful stage of postpartum where I’m both happy with my body and miserable with it. I’m obviously happy that I was able to create and carry a healthy baby for 9 months, and I completely understand that that can change your body permanently. But I also have that miserable feeling of not having the body that I used to. I get that I’m not 25 anymore and my body doesn’t respond to food and exercise like it used to, but the feelings are there and I honestly think that I’m not the only one who’s ever felt that way. I can say with certainty though that my love for my body definitely outweighs the hate. I’ve even been told by some that I look better after having Eleanor; now I just have to convince myself of that. 😉


4. Have you guys checked out I check it every morning to see what the National Food Holiday is and see if it’s worthy of celebrating (my favorite stands as December 4th – National Cookie Day!). For the month of May it’s: 1) National Beef Month 2) National BBQ Month 3) National Egg Month 4) National Hamburger Month 5) National Salsa Month…the list goes on and on! Maybe I can get my butt in gear and do a post to celebrate each of those mentioned above. What would you like to see? Recipes? History? Round-up of favorite places in New England to eat said foods?

5. Since the weather is getting nicer, David has been taking Eleanor to the park in town. The walk is about 2 miles one way, and he usually carries her on his back. He takes a lot of pictures and videos so I can gush over her adorableness when I get home.


6. On the work front, things are still chugging along. If you’re local to Massachusetts, you may be familiar with all that is going on with the company I work for. Recently, they have changed the name of the resort to Encore Boston Harbor (Encore is the sister property to Wynn).

Image result for encore boston harbor

Different name, same great service.

We’re still set to open in June of next year and I am beyond excited for things to really ramp up. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s my first time working for a casino and opening a hotel, and I am learning SO much from this organization. If you haven’t been to their properties in Vegas, you must! It is the epitome of luxury.

7. David and I are running a 5K with work in May, and I’m excited to continue my run streak of running at least one race every year since I started running in 2007! You can follow along with my race calendar in the Races page above. I used to blog recaps about them, but a lot of them got lost in the Great Transition of 2015.

I think that’s it for this week! Questions for you: What do you do for work? To celebrate the food holidays of the month, what are your favorite recipes?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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