Half Marathon Training Update

Well, my weekly updates did not pan out as I had wanted them to. Haha. But I am still training for the half and it’s actually going really well!

In addition to running, I also joined Orangetheory Fitness at the beginning of August. When I train long distances I tend to overlook the importance of cross training. This time, though, I’m making sure to take it serious so that I don’t end up injured (it’s usually my knees that give out).

My schedule is typically OTF twice a week, 2-3 runs during the week (that includes my weekend long run) and some active rest days where I’ll just walk around the neighborhood.

I’ve been loosely following the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 half marathon training plan. I’ve been diligent to sticking with the long runs on Sunday (my latest being 9 miles this past Sunday) but depending on how my body feels around my workouts during the week, I will adjust as needed.

My #1 goal for this race is to be healthy enough to start it and strong enough to finish it. My #2 goal is to be faster than the half I did in 2017, 6 months after I gave birth. Given that I ran that in just over 3 hours, I think that’s pretty easy to come by. My #3 goal is to beat my time from my first half marathon which is 2:28. I know I’m not in the shape to get a full PR, but I think these goals are doable.

Regarding my times, the runs during the week, including at OTF, I’ll push myself to get a bit out of my comfort zone. I know I won’t get any faster if I don’t, you know, run faster. Haha. My long runs are purely to get the miles in regardless of how long it takes. My paces range from mid 10s to low 12s. Like I mentioned above, just being able to finish is the ultimate goal, not to run it super fast.

So yeah, it’s one month until the half and I am feeling really good about my training and am very excited to run this course. The 9 miles I did last week were through the course and I’m crossing my fingers that October 24th will be the perfect fall day. đŸ™‚


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