Mt. Moosilauke

This month’s hiking trip didn’t go quite as planned, but I was still able to summit a mountain that I hadn’t done before. David had hiked it a couple of times (the most recent was his bachelor party before we got married in 2008!). So needless to say, it had been a while for him. We didn’t take the AT up the mountain; we took the Gorge Brook trail instead.


One way was about 3.7 miles. It wasn’t difficult at all but the climb was gradual and the trail was mostly rocky.


We were worried about what the weather would be like at the summit (4802’), because it rained a bit on our drive up, but luckily the first lookout proved that it was going to be nice and clear.


After about 2 hours, we made it above tree-line and the summit was in view.


It was super windy at the summit, but at least it was sunny and not crazy cold. We had a little snack and then headed down the Glencliff Trail (part of the AT) until it split off at the carriage road. The walk down was super easy and took us another 2 hours.

Instead of camping, we ended up having dinner in Lincoln, NH and then drove home for the night. It was a very enjoyable hike and one that I would definitely do again.


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