Insulating a Garage

Last weekend David and I were able to work on insulating the garage! To some that might not seem like the most exciting way to spend the day, but given that we were so close to finishing, we wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous day.

As of this past weekend we finally finished!

To give you all an idea of the magnitude of this project, our garage is bigger than our house. It’s about 44′ x 28′. It’ll house the two cars and David’s workshop. Of course, David loves a project and this was no exception. Because of David’s connections, we were able to obtain a good 150 or so bags (I could be underestimating) of cellulose insulation to dense pack in to the walls. This will allow the garage to remain at a comfortable temperature and to keep out road and train noises.

My job during the installation process was to man the hopper (blue machine). I had to open the bags of insulation and drop into the machine as it churns and dispenses it out a tube.

Inside, David was dense packing the cavities. (They were webbed to allow for control of the product.)


Now that it’s done, it’s so quiet and cool in there. All that’s left is for David to put up the OSB sheathing, finish the electrical, and epoxy the garage floor. It’ll be nice to finally park in there! 🙂

And a close-up of the product. This is also what’s in our house. It’s made up of recycled material, safe to the touch, and made with boric acid which kills any pests that try to get in there.


I don’t think I can recommend this product high enough. If you have new construction, or issues with your current comfort levels in your house, dense packed cellulose is the way to go!

Do you enjoy working on house/garage projects? Once this is done, we’ll be working on tearing down the old garage and hopefully get some nice landscaping.


One thought on “Insulating a Garage

  1. Brittany says:

    Oh my – that seems like a huge project! I’m sure it feels great to have it done. We are so not handy, but wish we were. There are a ton of projects we’d like to do and not have to pay someone else for.


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