Shed to Office Transformation

Ever since I started working from home (in late October) my office has been located in one of the lofts of the house. Needless to say, it’s not the most quiet spot and sometimes my kids pop in on my Zoom calls.

We had been going back and forth on whether or not to turn they shed into an office. When David noticed that it was getting a bit distracting to have me working in the house, he offered to move everything out and turn it into my “she-shed”. Smile

When he built it (around 2014 I think?) he over-insulated it so I there won’t be any issue with warmth. It’s about 80 square feet so the space is perfect for a little office.

To begin the construction, David and my dad spent a few hours one Saturday taking everything out of the shed (solar thermal panels, glass from an old greenhouse, tools, etc.…) and even moved stuff away from the side, since David was going to put in a window.



So much insulation! And it’s so well packed, that even after 6 years, it still hadn’t settled.


We picked up two double hung windows from Home Depot and placed them on the west side of the shed and in the door (facing north).


Once the shed was water tight, David added the radiant flooring (purchased on Amazon) and the self leveling compound, in case the OSB had warped over time.



As the compound was curing, David placed plastic on the floor so that he could put up the beadboard. He asked if I wanted him to just paint the wood white but I wanted something a little bit more decorative than that. If this was going to be my space, I wanted to make it look pretty. Smile



It took 11 sheets of beadboard to fit the walls, ceiling, and even the window wells and the door frame. Once it was caulked and painted, David added 6 lights, and oh my gosh, does it just brighten up the space! Surprised smile



The flooring is laminate from Lumber Liquidators: Sunswept Ash. It came out so much better than I could have imagined. I loved the wide plank look and with the Easy Click Installation, it took just a few hours to get it all installed. After the trim was added, I was able to move everything in! Right now it houses my desk and a few office items (printer and file cabinet) but eventually I’d love to make a little reading corner.


And have I been staying warm? You betcha! We set the floor to 90*, and with the immense amount of insulation, the heat is trapped in and I have been nice and toasty.

Over and over again I’ve thanked David for turning this into my office. Even if/when there comes a point where I don’t need it as an office anymore, it will be an excellent little hideaway where I can read or just relax. Smile

What’s your favorite area in your house?


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