Hiking Stratton Mountain

For David’s birthday this year, we decided to break out our camping gear and head to Vermont to test some new items (namely our tent, quilt, backpacks and ponchos).

Tent: 3F UL Lanshan 2 Pro

Quilt: Underground Quilt – 20 degree, 850 fill, 2oz over-stuff

Backpacks: REI Flash

Ponchos: 3F UL Gear Hiking Poncho 3 in 1

We have some big hiking plans in the works so David has been doing a lot of research on the best gear for cold weather and warm weather hiking. This was the first overnight that we could actually get out and use some of the big ticket items. If you’re interested in a gear post, David and I will work on getting one up as we continue to test out gear!

At around 12 noon last Saturday, we arrived at the trail head of Stratton Mountain. We weren’t sure how welcoming the state would be given that we were coming from a state that had higher cases of the virus, but we were reassured when we saw other Massachusetts license plates, as well as people from New York and Connecticut. Along the trail we made sure to keep our distance and use masks when necessary.

We had a quick lunch of Subway subs and then headed out!


The weather was cloudy and pretty muggy, but not terribly hot. The elevation climb was easier than some mountains we’ve done, too. (Of course, everything is easier compared to Mt. Washington!) The total mileage to the top is about 3.8 miles; we made it up in about 2 hours. Before we reached the summit though, it started to thunder and rain. This was the chance to use our ponchos! We had them in the open pocket of the backpack so that we could get each other’s out and slip right over our heads. They were a combination poncho and backpack cover! They worked out so well!


When we reached the summit it was windy and pouring, but David still wanted to climb the fire tower. We made it up two flights to take a look around and then walked back down. As we were discussing where to camp that night, the rain stopped and the clouds parted. Up we climbed again to get even better views!


The views were stunning and we’re so glad that we stuck around long enough after the rain stopped.

We ended up visiting a friend just outside of Montpelier who owns over 50 acres and he let us set up our tent on his property. It ended up being such a great weekend and David said he had an awesome birthday.

Can’t wait for the next adventure!

Where do you enjoy hiking/camping/backpacking?

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