Fun(Way) at Fenway

Ever since visiting Fenway Park back in June, I was very much looking forward to getting to a game during the regular season. Luckily, my parents had two extra tickets for this past Sunday and my friend Alyssa and I tagged along.


It also gave me a chance to work on my photography skills since Alyssa is a very talented photographer (in my honest opinion)!

I took this picture with my 50mm lens, then edited it with Snapseed on my iPhone.

IMG_1117 (3)IMG_E1117 (1)IMG_E1117

I love how the above picture came out!


I think one of my main things I have to figure out with the lens is that I need to learn to work in “Manual” mode. It’ll take time and patience but I’m looking forward to improving my photos and to have fun while looking at the world at a different angle. Smile


Although we would have loved to talk shop all afternoon, we were too enthralled with the game because it was a great one! The Red Sox won 3-0 (against the Minnesota Twins) and for the first 4 innings, they ended up loading the bases during every inning. And Jackie Bradley Jr. made the play of the game by catching a fly ball in center field! Oh so exciting to witness a game in person rather than watching it on TV. I think this is my 10th game in my life (or close to it).

What’s your favorite summertime pastime?


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