Fourth of July 2018

After having a child, the holidays and weekend activities (see: Family Time at the Stone Zoo) become so much more fun and involved. We love introducing her to new experiences, and even though I know she won’t retain much, it’s just a joy to see her taking in her surroundings.

Yesterday we attended a BBQ/pool party at a friends house, and Eleanor did amazingly well. We lathered her up in sun screen and made sure she stayed in the shade as much as possible. Their pool was in the sun, though, and I’m happy to report that she stayed nice and pale. 🙂

For food, she had pieces of a burger, some hot dog, chips, fruit, and pickles. I just have to add that this girl LOVES her ground beef and buns/rolls. (As a side note, she has since been weaned off of formula and although she’s not into everything that we place in front of her, she’s been doing pretty well with eating her meals and snacks.) And of course we made sure that she stayed well hydrated.



I think what surprised us the most was how attentive she was the whole time we were there. She was looking at the kids as they dove into the pool, and she never once seemed scared or nervous. We had a baby pool float, but she seemed much more interested in having someone hold her instead.


We were there for a good 3-4 hours and she rightly passed out on the way home. She took about an hour nap that afternoon and went to bed at 8.

And we, the parents, had a great time as well. We had some burgers and dogs and for libations, Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade. Delicious! We also may have taken a quick snooze when we got home too. 😉

How was your Fourth of July? Low-key or did you go all out?


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