Friday Bucket List

It’s just one of those days where I think a list would be a lot of fun! Friday is here, and it’s National Doughnut Day! I certainly celebrated. 😉 Stolen from Janae’s site!


1. Fired a gun– Yes

2. Married– Yes

3. Fell in love– Yes

4. Swam in an ocean– Yes (although I prefer the lake)

5. Gone on a blind date– Not really a blind “date”, but I’ve been blind “let me introduce you to my friend who I think you might like.” They never worked out.

6. Skipped school– In college, my friend Kristal and I skipped a day of classes to watch our friends play whiffleball at Fenway Park. Best decision ever!

7. Watched someone give birth– No

8. Been to Canada– Yes. I really want to go back to Quebec City, and visit Vancouver for the first time.

9. Been to Hawaii– No

10. Been to Europe– Yes; Ireland (best country ever!), Spain, France, Switzerland. Ireland and Spain were with school; France and Switzerland were on my own.

11. Been to Las Vegas– Twice. Both times I’ve stayed at the Paris. I love that hotel!

12. Been to Washington D.C.- Couple of times; once with school and more recently with David.

13. Been to Nashville– No, but I really want to!

14. Visited Florida– Yes, my grandfather lives on the west coast

15. Visited Mexico– Yes, as a community service with Endicott

16. Seen the Grand Canyon in person– No, but it continues to be on my bucket list!

17. Flown in a helicopter- No

18. Been on a cruise– Not yet, but I think we’re planning on one in the near future

19. Served on a jury– Almost; got called for duty but didn’t stay

20. Been in a movie– No, but I have the connections to hopefully make that one come true!

21. Been to Los Angeles– Yes, my aunt and uncle live just north of the city

22. Been to New York City– Yes

23. Played in a band– High school band; I played the trumpet because I’m cool like that

24. Sang karaoke– Yes; I love to sing!

25. Made prank phone calls– All the time when I was younger…uh, I mean no, of course not

26. Laughed so much you cried– Yes and it’s the best feeling ever


27. Caught a snowflake on your tongue– Yes

28. Had children– Not yet, but it’s in the works!

29. Had a pet– Hamster, guinea pig and rabbit (not all at the same time though)

30. Been sledding on a big hill– My house was on a big hill so every winter and ice storm was wicked fun. Thankfully the house was on a cul-de-sac

31. Been snowboarding– No; not big into skiing/snowboarding

33. Been water skiing– No, water tubing though!

34. Rode on a motorcycle– No

35. Jumped out of a plane– No

36. Been to a drive-in movie– Yes, my hometown has the best one ever!

37. Rode an elephant– No, but I did ride a camel when I was 5

38. Been on TV- No(?) I don’t think so

39. Been in newspaper- Yes

40. Stayed in hospital- Not stayed, but been to a hospital when I sprained my ankle

41. Donated blood- Yes

42. Gotten a piercing- Yes, my ears

43. Gotten a tattoo– No

44. Driven a stick shift vehicle– Yes, I loved my little Mazda Protege!

45. Driven over 100 mph- No, but I’ve been a passenger in a car that’s gone that fast

46. Been scuba diving– Yes…although I would say snorkeling instead, in Mexico

47. Lived on your own- Not really; it was either with my parents, with David, or with his sister

48. Got a speeding ticket- Yes, but not since 2014! I’m getting better. 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to add in your own bucket list in the comments! 🙂

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