Gibbet Hill Grill

To kick off my birthday week (It’s on the 18th, but I like to celebrate


), David and I went out for a nice dinner while my mom watched the kids.

Ever since I saw an Instagram post from Taste of Massachusetts, featuring some delicious mac and cheese, I made it my mission to visit this restaurant. And lo and behold, it’s just 15 minutes away from my house!


I originally made the reservation at Gibbet Hill Grill for today (March 13) but with the impending nor’easter, we moved it to yesterday. They only had 3:30 or 8 available, but we had no problem having a later lunch/early dinner. Plus, the weather was gorgeous for an afternoon out.


Even though we arrived 15 minutes early, they had no problem seating us. We were in a room with windows overlooking the farm. Our server Kara was wonderful; very knowledgeable and a great energy. She made sure to wish me a happy birthday too.


I started with a cocktail, the Dalliance, which is strawberry-thyme vodka, elderflower liqueur, lemon, sparkling wine. It was so refreshing and just the perfect drink to start the evening. We were also presented with some sourdough bread and corn bread…with maple syrup butter! So good!



For an appetizer, I just went with the classic Caesar salad. Far too often I’ve received salads that were drenched in dressing but this was absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of parmesan and crunchy croutons.


Dinner was the Steak Frites with salad greens, pickled onion, and bone marrow butter. The steak was cooked a bit rarer than the medium rare I had requested, but that was a-ok with me, as long as it wasn’t cooked more well done. The fries were perfectly seasoned and the salad was a mix of butter lettuce and vinaigrette. I ended up taking half of the steak home and the rest of the fries. I also had some of the delicious mac and cheese, since David ordered that as a side with his steak. As I expected, it was perfectly cheesy and delicious!


I had intended to have dessert there (I had my eye on the carrot cake) but when David mentioned going out for ice cream instead, I had to give in to my real craving. You have to realize though that it’s tough to find local ice cream shops open during the winter. We almost went to Dairy Queen but I found the Ice Cream Factory in Townsend! I ordered the Oreo frozen yogurt and David got the peanut butter Oreo ice cream. The perfect ending to a wonderful afternoon.


If you’re local to Massachusetts, I highly recommend you visit Gibbet Hill Grill! The menu changes during the seasons since most of what they cook is grown or raised there. I definitely plan on going there again.


This was definitely one of the best dinners I’ve had in a while. They also have a bar in the front that overlooks the same view that we enjoyed; I would absolutely go back just to eat and drink there.

Gibbet Hill Grill
61 Lowell Road
Groton, MA


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