Hiking Mt. Madison

Ah, the November hike that didn’t quite go as we had hoped. We even changed things up and drove up to NH late on Friday evening so that we would get an early start on Saturday morning. The weather was really cold and there was snow on the mountain, but there was no wind and almost no clouds. We really couldn’t have asked for a more ideal day.

But what do parents do when they are in a hotel room with no kids to wake them up? Sleep in of course. Ha-ha. We ended up sleeping until 8 or so, then got breakfast and packed our bags up. Of course, when I put my hiking shoes on (Altra Lone Peaks) I noticed that I forgot to put my insoles back in after the last hike. D’oh! So off to Walmart we went to get some insoles.

By the time we got to the trail head (Pine Link Trail), it was around 10:30AM and the roundtrip mileage was about 9 miles. If we went 1 mile an hour (and that’s what we were expecting given the snow) that would have us back to the car at close to 8PM and hiking some of that in the dark. We decided that we would go as far as we deemed safe and then turn back to the car.

But thankfully we were able to stay warm and dry the whole way and ended up with a beautiful view of the summit.


We got to our first lookout and got our first view of the summit.


We stopped for a snack and decided to continue on a bit more, before we turned around. And I’m so glad we did because we came upon another lookout and the view was even better!


Despite not getting all the way to the summit, the journey was just as rewarding. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the views were breathtaking. We had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to actually get up to that summit.


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