The Lawn I’ve Been Wanting

Since buying our property over 9 years ago, we have slowly but surely made improvements to the 1 acre lot. We first tore down the old house:


Since 2012, we’ve: built a new garage, built a shed, tore down the old garage, took out over 40 surrounding trees, and added a paved driveway. Something that has been an ongoing project, however, has been the yard. Before we had kids, we weren’t all that concerned with having something well manicured and maintained. But now, we realize the importance of having that space for Eleanor and Lincoln to run around.

At the end of April a friend of David’s helped us scrape down a bunch of berms on the property so that we could extend the yard and then flatten the soil. We then purchased a bunch of loam and more machinery to make it easier to grow grass (our yard is full of rocks and rather sandy soil). We also purchased some Green Giants to line the yard that faces our neighbors. Since Mother’s Day weekend, we’ve been watering it twice a day and I’m happy to report that we have some grass poking through! I’m so excited to see how well this will all turn out.







Ah, so excited to finally have a yard where I don’t have to constantly make sure that the kids aren’t getting into something that they shouldn’t. Rolling on the floor laughing Such is the life when the property is just one big project for your husband. Laughing out loud But hey, it’s a project that saves us on energy bills!

Is there a big house/home project that you’ve been wanting to tackle? If only we had the unlimited funds!


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