Artistic I Am Not

I had such grand plans to have a post up about dinners for the past week and the like. Unfortunately I’ve been under the weather for the past few days and I just had no energy to do that yesterday. Plus, the dinners weren’t that exciting. I do have a meal plan for the upcoming week so be sure to check that out this coming Sunday!

This past Saturday was my friend’s bachelorette party! Since she and her fiancé are expecting a baby in September, the party wasn’t anything crazy. A friend of hers from her Crossfit gym hosts Paint Night parties so that was the theme! I’ve never done one before and I am NOT an artistic person by any means.


As we got started, I had no idea how these primary colors were going to turn in to this:


For those who are not familiar with Paint Night, the instructor takes you step by step, from mixing the colors, to making sure that you get the depth in the painting. I made sure to take photos of each of those steps. It looks like I was getting the hang of the sky, sea, and sand!


It actually looks like there’s depth and distance to the sea. My sand was a little frustrating to get a hang of, but I knew that it was eventually going to get covered by the tall grass.


Even the dark shades of sand were looking pretty good. The second photo has the addition of waves. Although I couldn’t quite get the hang of showing waves crashing on the shore.

Now it was time to add the tall grass. HA! This is where my brush just couldn’t cooperate (because you know it wasn’t the artist’s fault Winking smile). For some reason, I couldn’t get the paint brush thin enough and the paint thick enough to show the illusion of grass blades.


I am proud of my shadow lines though, and the fact that I could mix the colors to make different shades of brown and blue.

Sometimes I can be hard on myself for not getting something right, but I had such a great time with all of Jen’s friends and getting out of my comfort zone. As noted in the title, artistic I am not! Smile

Have you ever done Paint Night? When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone?

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