My New Running Routine

I suppose after 3 successful runs, you can call this a “routine”. 😛

Ever since I got my hair cut in May, my day to day routine has switched up a bit.

Just to show my new ‘do.

Before I got my hair cut I would religiously straighten my hair with a flat iron each morning. But ever since my new cut, I find myself showering every other night and let it air dry while I sleep. In the morning it’s a simple task of adding some dry shampoo, hair wax (extremely light), hair spray, and just ironing out the bangs, and I am good to go!

So for the past week, every night that I have to wash my hair, I go for a run. I get home from work around 6:45, and I only go for a couple of miles (or less – it’s HOT outside!). Once I’m home it’s shower time and then dinner time.


So far I have been loving this routine. And I’ve been getting compliments on my hair! 😉

What is your routine each day? Have I said routine enough?


4 thoughts on “My New Running Routine

  1. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Cute haircut! It looks great on you! 🙂 I’m so glad you have a routine that’s working so well for you! 🙂


  2. lindseylivings says:

    If you want a bit of wavy hair you can braid it after you shower and go to bed with it like that, no styling or effort needed in the morning! Although your hair already looks super cute the way it is 😀


    • Alaina P. says:

      Thank you so much for the recommendation! It’s been so long since I’ve done that. When I was little my cousins and I used to tie our hair around pieces of fabric (a la Little Women) to get our desired curls. 🙂


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